Alley Cats At Domestic Arrivals

07 Feb 2012 | 1 comment »

A documentary film I directed last year, along with a couple of other good gentlemen was chosen to be apart of the first annual Domestic Arrivals Festival of Canadian Film being held at Museum London from February 9-12th 2012. The short has to do with bike culture in London Ontario and features testimonials from the Speed City Bike Militia.

Here is a promotional poster I made to promote the event. The photograph was a 35-millimeter exposure on my preferred black and white film, Ilford HP5. I have also included the original photograph, shot on a Nikon FE 24mm f 2.8. Also below is a teaser trailer for the film.

Alley Cats is opening the stage for Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson. If you are interested in checking it out, or just want more information click here or here. Hope to see you there.

Wild Domestic Release Party

25 Nov 2011 | no comments »

I was asked by a friend to come out and document some of the Wild Domestic album release at APK Live. Their new release is awesome and they put on a really fun show that night. I hope to see them play again soon.


15 Oct 2011 | no comments »

I decided at the last minute to ride downtown and see this “Secretly Canadian” band known as Suuns. I really enjoyed their last album, Zeros QC, so I couldn’t resist stopping by Call the Office and checking them out. It has a lot of really interesting sounds on it and some cool lo-fi electronic elements I really dig. I ended up seeing two of my favourite teachers from high school there, so it was nice to have drinks on a school night with them. I had my camera with me so I decided to take a couple of photos.

TwixTel Network v.44 SP1 Swiss Languages DVD [ENG/Final/2011]

TwixTel Network v.44 SP1 Swiss Languages DVD [ENG/Final/2011] | 2,72 Gb

TwixTel 44 a complete telephone book for Switzerland on a DVD with the actual, official phone book data Switzerland / FL Swisscom, Orange, Cablecom, Sunrise, COLT Telecom AG, TSystems
Telecom FL, etc.

Current phone book data with state of Switzerland 18.04.2011
Let over 8 million additional secondary numbers (block numbers) to the main entry
Caller ID displays incoming number addition and main entry
Pass search query by clicking on TwixTel ONLINE

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TCK Welcome Video

25 Sep 2011 | no comments »

My friends in the band Two Crown King are undoubtedly talented gentlemen. For the start of the 2011 school year, the kings and The Come Up Show produced a really nice welcome video targeted at new Western and Fanshawe students. The video showcases some of the great landmarks of London and also features some cameo appearances from some other really amazing people that make this city special. I was honored when they asked me to be a part of the video, so I had them swing by the studio where they pointed the camera at me for a change. See if you can spot me.

Matthew Johnston

25 Aug 2011 | no comments »

Last weekend, Matthew Johnston dropped by to have me shoot some new portrait and promotional images for some upcoming music projects he has on the horizon. Matthew is an amazing solo artist. He has opened for Hedley, Justin Nozuka, Girlicious T-Pain, Shad and toured with Rob Dyer and the Skate 4 Cancer marathon of hope. Recently, he provided back up vocals for Classified’s new single Passion, off the album Handshakes and Middle Fingers. Matthew is really photogenic and a pleasure to work with. Can’t wait to have another opportunity to work with him.